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I had tested this remedy myself once when my hair was particularly weak and was falling out. I had previously tried supplements, shampoos and conditioners for brittle hair, and witnessed poor results. After Mariana, a Romanian lady recommended this remedy, I got results and resolved my problem, thankfully!


Crack an egg and keep the yolk only and put it into a glass. Beat the yolk with a fork and pour three tablespoons of olive oil, then the lemon juice (sieve the juice first). Whisk for a bit ‘… the go to the bathroom and apply evenly onto your hair.
It ‘goes without saying “that sucks” the remedy works, if there are no medical conditions that do require specific medical treatment, and frees you from buying products filled with chemical supplements with methionine and vitamin E, or anti fall shampoo, as chemicals!

Rinse hair in the bathroom sink, starting from the roots. Gently brush hair with the brush given with hair dyes or evenly run fingers through hair.

The important thing is that the mixture remains on the scalp, and is washed of the rest of your hair. Don’t forget to clean the sink afterwards as it does get dirty. Rap hair and scalp with cling film and leave mixture on the scalp for about 35minutes. If you want you can also wrap a clean warm towel over your head for a bit. Be careful to not let it drip, as it can get really messy.
Finally, using a mild shampoo wash the mixture out off, it’s best to wash it twice to make sure the egg doesn’t leave behind a stink, This should be repeated once a week or every ten days for the first month, after that you may decrease to once a month until the problem disappears.

Anna Simone
P.S. It’s best to clean the bathroom sink and shower with vinegar to remove the smell of the egg 😉

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